Our Outreach

The Harassment (of Women at Workplace) Awareness Volunteer Programme (HAVP) envisaged by the Ombudsperson, Punjab, involves mass awareness campaign in the entire province especially for women at workplace in both public and private sectors in urban and rural areas with a view to creating awareness about the legal protections available and convenient procedure for redressal of grievances available under the Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2010 as amended in 2012.

Project Objectives

The objectives of our project are stated as under:

  • To create awareness in the entire province especially among working women
  • To give awareness to working women regarding quasi judicial protection available
  • To guide working women where they can go, if sexually harassed, for appropriate action
  • To help women to face the menace of harassment rather than avoiding or enduring it silently
  • To spread awareness activities, shall help create a conducive environment for working women and a deterrent to those who harass women

The campaign envisages engaging the services of NGO having infrastructure in different districts of the province, selected through a transparent selection process, to act as local representative of the Ombudsperson, Punjab, and, on its behalf, conduct various activities including arranging Awareness Seminars in all districts including all physical/ logistic/ site arrangements as well as to gather target audience/ participants from all segments of society including notables of the area, civil society, working men/ women etc. through publicity techniques. The campaign also includes reaching out to women at workplace by NGO by engaging and training genuine and committed young male/ female volunteers in all the districts. In order to carry out their activities, the NGO will employ their own resources as well as work in close coordination with district administration of each district as well as District Information Officer. These activities of NGOs are being strengthened and augmented by a synchronized and comprehensive print and electronic media campaign under which most effective dissemination techniques and Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line (BTL) advertisement activities would be employed in collaboration with DGPR as permissible under the PPRA and other rules, for widespread awareness of the masses especially working women in public and private sectors in order to achieve desired results of the HAVP campaign. For the purpose of employing an effective media campaign, services of a well reputed Advertisement  Agency has been engaged to work in close liaison with NGO(s) and both would get the campaign's schedule approved by the district administration and Ombudsperson and work in a synchronized manner to achieve maximum output of the programme

Harassment Awareness Volunteer Programme as approved by the Chief Minister is being executed as per approved PC-1 from financial year 2013-2014 to 2016-2017 at a total cost of RS 68 Million.