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Office of Ombudsperson has been established to safeguard the right of women to work not only as a financial support to their families but as a better citizen of a developing nation.Earlier sexual harassment of workplace was termed as a social vice. However, it was not specifically cognizable under the law and women were often blamed in case it happened. As a result of campaign and enactment, it has now become cognizable.This office takes up cases of sexual harassment at workplace that may have occurred after April, 2013, and its jurisdiction extends to whole of the Punjab. Complainants can be women or men and employees include those employed on regular, contractual, monthly or hourly basis and  interns and apprentices also. As the result of registration, proceeding, inquiry and decision, a harasser is penalized.

Thus, it curbs and discourages the social evil of harassment of women and thereby a more conducive working environment can he ensured where they can work without fear, for betterment of their families and the society at large.With this law in force, women should not tolerate sexual harassment quietly as an inexpensive forum has become available where this vice is being reported with the hope that the accused will be penalized. The quasi-judicial proceedings of this office allow every affected complainant to report here and bring forth the issue.

  • Take up Complaints
  •  Proceed/hear the Parties
  •  Inquire into the Charges
  •  Decide
  •  Penalize if Charges Established
  •  Take up Appeal filed by any party against decision of the enquiry committees