Application Procedure

Application Requirements

Submit the application directly to the office or send it via post, and narrate the incidents in chronological order in a detailed manner, providing

  • Your Personal Information, including:
    • Full name
    • Designation
    • Phone number
    • Department name
    • Your address (official and residential)
  • Information of the accused person, including:
    • His name
    • Designation
    • Residential or official address, and preferably his phone number is also required
  • A copy of your CNIC and appointment letter

Missing Details

In case of missing details:

  • Officer of the Ombudsperson contacts the complainant and guides her on how to write the application
  • Complainant can also visit the office of the Ombudsperson
  • Meeting with concerned staff, registrar, and Ombudsperson is also arranged

Certificates Required

Once the application fulfills all the criteria, other certificates are also obtained from the complainant, including:

  • Certificate for Adjustment (either transfer or suspension of the accused)
  • Certificate of Retaliation
  • Application cum Certificate that the inquiry regarding sexual harassment is not pending at any other forum and the complainant wants to be heard at the office of the Ombudsperson.

After the application is successfully written and all the documents are obtained, the complaint is officially registered with the office. The office processes the application as per the Rule 4 & 5 of Protection Against harassment of Women at the Workplace Rules, 2010.